So much going on!

My academic adviser got this in the mail today. It’s for me!

MAA Student Presentation certificate

It’s a certificate from the MAA. I gave a not-a-big-deal-at-all 15 minute student talk on matroids at our recent Pacific Northwest section meeting, and they gave me a certificate! I gotta say, the MAA is nice to students.

I also went to a talk today by Michael Orrison who is visiting Seattle while his students at Harvey Mudd work on their finals. He delivered a great presentation on modelling election outcomes using linear algebra (by the way, that is a very poor summary on my part. It was way neat.) He used more linear algebra than we typically cover at Seattle University, though. I wouldn’t have been able to follow the presentation had I not been studying functional analysis independently.

Which brings me to one of my favorite gripes about Seattle University: when are you guys gonna wake up and start offering some math-student-quality Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus classes? Both of these classes are taught for the engineering audience that doesn’t care about things like divergence, curl, Jordan canonical form, and many other important things that aren’t covered in our classes. No, seriously, it’s weak. Gotta shape that up.

Speaking of functional analysis: I’m doing a directed reading this quarter with this guy (who happens to be my academic adviser). It’s good stuff.

Finally, it turns out that I simply can’t come up with the money to go to Hungary — the deadline is just too soon. Sooooo, I’ll be hanging out in Seattle in Fall. On the one hand I’m way sad because I was way looking forward to taking Elite Hungarian Combinatorics, but on the other hand there’s nothing I can do about it. So here’s a picture of me holding my acceptance packet, but now with a sad face:

No Budapest for me

And there you have it.

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