Toorcon Seattle

Last weekend was Toorcon Seattle. Here’s a picture of me outside the venue (thanks Divide!):

Me at Toorcon Seattle 2007

It was a great event. Most of the talks went pretty well, although several people got bit by the lack of Internet connectivity while presenting. Overall the quality was better than I’m used to seeing at other events, which is really a reflection of how badass the Seattle hacker community is.

Some of my favorite talks (hit up the Seattle Toorcon website for links to abstracts and slides):

  1. WiFight Club by Beetle
  2. Automating Exploitation by Pusscat
  3. Plastic Money, Plastic Trust: Why you should never trust a merchant with your credit card by Rodney Thayer
  4. Body Hacking – Functional Body Modification by Quinn Norton
  5. Further Adventures In Visual Data Exploration by Dan Kaminsky
  6. Memory Manager Attack and Defense by Richard Johnson

I also enjoyed the rant “Web 4.0” by Christopher Abad, which was absolutely hilarious. Plus it’s cool because he’s a mathematician.

After the conference there was a fun party at the Public N3rd Area. Brilliant music provided by the DJ’s, although I especially enjoyed the sets by Keith Myers and by Holt Sorenson. Things ended before TProphet could play his set, which was a real shame because he had a great playlist setup.

I’ve got my golden ticket. See you next year?

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