Seattle Wireless, College Pranks

Last night I went to the Seattle Wireless Hack Night. I spent a lot of time talking to this guy about cameras. Turns out he already knew that my camera is a very bad camera. It’s small, which means I can take it everywhere; unfortunately, it’s small, which means it has cheap optics and a bad lens. He recommended some new gear and patiently answered my n00b questions. All around nice guy.

Next week is my last week at Seattle University until next Fall (I’m cutting out early so I can go to work!) I’m happy this quarter is ending early. It’s been stressful and boring. When I return, pockets full of summer money, I plan to setup a Seattle Wireless node on the roof here at school. Hopefully with permission. We’ll see.

At the end of every school year, I come up with a sketch for what I want to accomplish during the next year. Here’s kinda where I’m at:

  1. Summer goals: Redacted. Can’t say.
  2. School 07-08 year: Focus on finishing school. Need to do “Senior Project” for computer science. My adviser literally told me to “set my expectations low.” Nice. Can’t wait. Outside of school, I want to focus my energies on program analysis, and maybe software radio. Whichever sounds more interesting next Fall. We’ll see.
  3. After that: who knows? I’m getting tired of the school thing. Maybe spend some more time hacking?

In unrelated news, the chair of the Seattle University physics department came in to work today to find this:


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