Countdown: 5 days until I leave

Remember how messy my apartment was? Tonight I took most of the mess to my parents’ house. If it’s still in my apartment, it’s coming with me! Oh how my mess hath gotten smaller:

If it’s in this picture, it’s coming with me!

The computing equipment is getting shipped ahead of me — except for the hard drives, which I won’t let off of my person.

Today was marked by frustration at school:

First, there was the paperwork:
About a third of the way into the quarter, I decided that my statistics class wasn’t what I had in mind, so I dropped it in favor of doing independent study in de Rham cohomology.

I submitted the forms for this a few weeks ago. The registrar decided that they needed some more forms, so they sent back my paperwork to the math department, who gave it to my academic adviser, who simply assumed they were just CC’ing him and put them into his desk without saying anything.

I figured out that something was wrong when I checked my transcript and saw that the school still thinks I’m taking statistics.

So I fill out the extra paperwork and go to the registrar’s office to drop it all off. Just one problem: they have a policy that prohibits them from accepting paperwork from students directly. In order to prevent fraud, you need to have the paperwork delivered by a faculty member. I pointed out that this is the same form they had sent back to me — that it had two of their stamps on the forms, and that their computer records showed that this form had been returned to me. Did they really believe that I had fabricated the whole thing by forging the dean’s signature, getting duplicate stamps made, and hacking the database?

They didn’t see my point, but luckily they deigned to accept the form as a special favor to me. Silly registrar.

Then it came time to register for Fall quarter:
I was originally looking forward to this. You see, when I was told I couldn’t accept the offer to go to Hungary, I figured “oh well, at least this means I’ll be able to take Japanese!”

Yeah, well, turns out that my computer science degree — which I was willing to drop in order to go to Hungary — has requirements for Fall that conflict with Japanese. No matter, I thought: I’d happily drop my CS degree to a minor in exchange for the ability to spend a year studying a language and actually learning something.

Well now I’ve been told that I can’t do that, either. If I’m gonna be in Seattle, I gotta finish my CS degree. Darn.

Oh well, may as well just make the best of it and sign up for some interesting classes that’ll fulfill my core requirements. I’ve got two more core requirements that I need to satisfy:

  1. 300-level Theology
  2. Interdisciplinary

Unfortunately, while there are several interesting theology courses I would love to take, they all conflict with the CS thing. There are only two courses that’ll satisfy my theology requirement that I’m able to register for:

  1. Women and the Hebrew Bible
  2. The gospel of John

Since I’m not a woman, and I don’t like the gospels, I’m kinda disappointed.

The Interdisciplinary situation isn’t much better. In theory, there should be lots of things that satisfy this requirement, since every major program on campus is able to offer something that will fit the requirement. In practice, however, almost no one has any offering, since it requires the use of department resources that don’t advance the department’s own students (and are therefore a waste of budget).

So when it comes to Interdisciplinary offerings, there are only two classes you can depend on:

  1. Drug and alcohol addiction
  2. Asian-American experience

So in effect, the core requires you to take one of these two courses. Yup, good use of time.

Now here’s the sick irony: this Fall there is a startling number of alternatives being offered, but every single one conflicts with the CS course I need. So it looks like I get to study “Asian American experience,” which sounds way relevant to me.

I dunno friends, but I kinda feel like I’m losing ground on this one.

But what the heck, I’m outta here in 5 days.  Cheers.

Time for a break

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  1. Salty

     /  23 May, 2007

    Nice shot.

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