Countdown: 3 days until I leave

Nothing is left in my apartment besides a backpack and a suitcase.

I just spent an hour figuring out my schedule for next year.  I hated the one I had.  Badly.  Really really badly.

But it’s cool because I came up with this instead:

Computer Science Senior Project I
Mathematics Senior Project I
Technical Writing
Asian American Experience
Japanese I

Computer Science Senior Project II
Mathematics Senior Project II
Applied Math I
Japanese II

Computer Science Senior Project III
Mathematics Senior Project III
Applied Math II (maybe)
Japanese III
Theology (300 level)

Lee is trying to convince me to take Chinese instead of Japanese.  It’s a tough choice: I like Japanese movies more, but I know far more people who speak Chinese, and come to think of it, I like Chinese martial arts films more.

I’ll probably just flip a coin to decide.

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