Countdown: -6 days until I leave

Washington DC is a wonderful place.  My trip there with my father couldn’t have been any better.

It’s really strange walking around downtown, seeing such impressive reminders of what this nation is, while simultaneously being aware of our current politics.  I cannot sufficiently convey the hope, however, that these structures offer: they are built to outlast us all.

Pictures will be posted later this week.

I’m all setup in my summer apartment.  My roommates are all really upstanding guys: we get along really well, have the same sense of humor, and stay out of each other’s way.  The only problem: my computer won’t get here for another two days.  Oh dear, thank goodness I managed to commandeer a roommate’s laptop.

I miss the girlfriend, although it’s only been a week.  I try not to think about how long the summer is going to be — take it one day at a time, that’s all I can do.  After five years, you really get accustomed to someone being around.

I think I’ve got some projects lined up for the summer, but I won’t announce anything until I’ve got more work done.  After over-selling Kinetic, I’ve come to learn that the goals you claim to have should be treated as theorems, not axioms: if you wanna talk about them, you gotta prove that you have them.

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