Washington DC Photos!

This is what it looks like when I go to Washington DC:


 This is me standing beside Alexander Hamilton in the Capitol Rotunda.  I often confuse the spelling of “Capitol” and “Capital.”  Hamilton wanted a strong federal government.  Today, the Hamiltonian interpretation of the Constitution is named for him.

Mount Vernon

 This is Mount Vernon, which is where George Washington lived.  Both after the war and after his presidency, he was anxious to return home.  Now that I’ve been there, I can see why.

National Botanical Garden

Here I am outside of the National Botanical Gardens.  You can see the Capitol in the upper left.

Oh, and here’s a picture of Cyndi at Deluxe while we were getting trashed:


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  1. Salty

     /  6 June, 2007

    Aww…looks neato. Wish I was there with you. ;)

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