Only 2 weeks left!

It’s hard to believe it, but I’m going to be back home in less than 2 weeks.

This summer has been fascinating.  This has been the best job of my life; I will forever be grateful to my employers for giving me this opportunity.

It has been quite interesting to talk to other math students — learning about their backgrounds, their ambitions.  Some of these kids will go on to do great things, I have no doubt about it.

It’s given me occasion to reconsider what it means to be a math student.  Over the span of the last year, I labored under the belief that my efforts were best invested in expanding my knowledge of general theory (differential geometry and various forms of analysis, in particular).  Looking back and judging the results, and comparing notes with other students, I now believe my efforts were poorly invested.
By splitting my efforts across so many directions, I’ve developed a weak appreciation of a couple areas, rather than a moderately-good understanding of a single, perfectly respectible area.  So next year: focus, focus, focus!

Oh, and also, I need to get a hair cut for a presentation on Wednesday.  So before I do, here’s a picture of me looking my shaggiest:

Me in Maryland

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