Some pictures

Cyndi and I are pretty excited about going to Utah. Still, it’s going to be a shame to be leaving Seattle. Last weekend we went out and took some pictures by Lake Washington. It was a good opportunity to teach her a bit about how the camera works. I think she’s learning pretty quickly:

Viewing the lake from the West

Seattle University has been good to me. I’ve been lucky, as it’s a good time to be in their math department. Recognizing that I needed more photos of myself at the place, Cyndi and I decided to take some pictures. Here I am by the fountain:

Unicycling by the fountain at Seattle University

We also decided to hang out and try to get some pictures of the dogs for my mom. Mom is a total nut about her pug, and cast in the right light, I can kinda see why. For some reason, when I look at this picture I always think he’s looking up to the sky with Hope for America:

Mom\'s pug.

Spring sure is a great time to take a picture.

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