Welcome to the University of Utah

Today began the University of Utah’s REU on Computational Algebraic Geometry. Having recently graduated from college, I don’t know how much of a “U” I am, but I’m not unique in this respect in this group.

Today we had two lectures by Aaron Bertram. There were a mixture of review and new material for most of us, I think. He’s a nerdy guy, I’m happy to be in his department.

Speaking of his department, today I ran into some of the graduate students that I met while I was here for grad weekend. It was good to see Ben and Matt. It turns out that Dylan is TAing the REU. I also saw Erin, but she looked busy so I didn’t bother her.

The weather has been beautiful and warm. Let me show you some of the pictures I took today of the campus on this sunny day!

Let’s start with a view of the math buildings from President’s Circle. The math department has two buildings that are linked via an underground throughway. I think they look mathy enough:

Here’s a closer view of the entrance to the Math Student Center, which is one of the two buildings. From here you can also see the entry to a nice outdoor plaza between the structures.

The student center even has a nice view of the surrounding mountains, but they need to wash the windows if you ask me.

Outside during lunch the graduate students seemed to be having a pizza party.

Some were even playing Set!

The university has really nice grounds. Everywhere you look there’s a plaza.

It’s very difficult to find a view from the university that doesn’t face the mountains or the city. It’s a really neat location they have here.

Later tonight I hope to get out to buy groceries and the like. Wish me luck!

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