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Everything is in full swing now at Utah. I’m very busy with lots of things that I like.

In algebraic geometry, we are using the notes of Milne to develop a theory of varieties in terms of the maximal spectrum of a ring. In parallel with this, I’ve been studying category theory with a friend, and translating everything that I can from my classes into that language as an exercise.

I’m participating in the GSBS seminar on game theory and evolutionary biology. So far it’s been a bunch of examples of first-order ODEs and some of their interesting behavior (chaos, bifurcations, etc), although I expect it will eventually get into something more interesting.

I’ve been working on my programming as well. I’m currently writing a real-time strategy game in Haskell. The project is an excuse to become more comfortable in the language, as well as a chance to learn some new mathematics (my game has some exotic design choices that make the whole thing unusually mathematical). I’ll write more about this after some issues have been ironed out.

In October I’m flying to Phoenix to visit Clone for a week. He doesn’t have the time off from work, so it’s more or less just a chance for me to go somewhere else to work on things; just a change of scenery.

My plans to go to DC in January might be canceled; we’ll see. Regardless, I’ll be in Seattle for much of December.

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