Compiz interferes with GLUT

While working on Armada in Ubuntu, I observed the following obnoxious behavior: the windows I was creating using GLUT.Window.createWindow didn’t have a border. To clear things up for search engines: the windows had no border, had no frame, had no title bar.

I’ve worked with GLUT in Haskell on Mac OS X and did not have this problem. After a bit of googling, I found a suggestion that the culprit was Compiz — the silly program which consumes hardware resources for the dubious purpose of making X-windows more eye-candy laden. Obviously Ubuntu uses it by default.

So here’s the bottom line: if you’re working with GLUT — createWindow in particular — and finding that your windows have no borders, then you should disable Compiz. I know for sure this is an issue with the Haskell bindings for GLUT, though a great deal of people have complained about this who are working in C directly, suggesting that it’s not a Haskell problem — though that much should be obvious, since Haskell is ready for prime time.